Greetings Everyone! (From the Coffee Whisperer)

Marcelo Franck here, the “Franck” behind Franck’s Ultra Coffee. In my first post I would like to, if you can and have the time, try and brew it on a pour over of your preference. Doing so you can have more control of the extraction.


1) you can use a scale and do a initial pre-infusion with 1/4 of the total brew water. Waiting 20 seconds and watching the blooming of the coffee is an excellent way to understanding

a) the coffee was properly roasted (not baked)

b) the roast is fresh enough, since stale coffee wont rise its own cake during this step.

2) complex and rich coffee like barrel aged coffee tend to lose some of the volatile aromas quickly if brewed with boiling hot water, so we recommend checking your water temp and brewing it around 190F. Brewing pour overs usually takes 3 to 4 minutes. In our coffee lab tests the final brew will hit your cup around 167F. still leaving plenty of time to enjoy the good smell until your coffee reaches a comfortable sipping temperature.

3) you can separate the brewing in 4 different water “attacks” and with a nice goose-neck kettle you will make sure all of the grounds are being exposed to the brew water evenly. If you just dump all the water at once the weight on the coffee bed will make it go down faster and potentially under extracting your cup of coffee.

Eventually you will feel like using an extra spoon or two, wasting more coffee than actually needed.

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