2 months have passed, what is going on?

Well, inside the world of Franck’s Ultra Coffee USA, we have officially begun. We began filling the first 2 barrels with exceptional Brazilian green bean on July 11th, 2019. (Save that date, we will celebrate it someday)

The process has begun! BOURBON BARREL AGED COFFEE IS A GO!

So what did we do to prepare for our first batch?

Pretty simple, we met a lot of great new people and got SO DAMN LUCKY!

We did a ton of research into local (Northern California and Western Nevada) distilleries. We fell in love with new Bourbons we had never experienced, and are working to build a very strong relationship with the talented folks at Dry Diggins Distillery. (Oh Engine 49, we love you!)

We also talked to a number of very talented craft coffee roasters, and have partnered with Lighthouse Coffee. Todd Prinz has been roasting for over 20 years and is exceptional at his craft. We brought him 10 lbs of Frack’s Ultra Green Bean Coffee from Brazil, his first test roast was very good, but we agreed that it needed another run. That second batch, wow. Just wow. Todd is an artist, not much else to say about that.

So where are we today, almost 2 months to the day that we put our first blog post up. We are a few weeks out from roasting our first batch that was made right here in the USA! I am glad to say that we are also a few weeks out from offering our coffee at 2 of the best coffee houses in the country. (Yeah I know, it is a big statement, but, they are great coffee shops.) ZURI (Truckee, CA) and Lighthouse Coffee (Sparks, NV)

If you happen to be driving from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and you are passing through Truckee, have to go to ZURI! (Winners of Sierra Sun “Best of 2019” for Coffee Shop and Barista) Their amazing Yelp Reviews speak the truth; Great food, great atmosphere, great coffee and great people. You will be able to get Franck’s Ultra Coffee USA both off the menu, and in 12oz retail bags to purchase and take home! Oh Yeah!

We start covering our home turf at Lighthouse Coffee. Yep, the same amazing coffee shop that is owned by our Craft Roaster, Todd Prinz. His heart is in everything he does, and that truth can be tasted in every sip of coffee brewed at either location. Try a Gibraltar or flat white made with Franck’s Ultra Coffee. You will love it!

Me, I love it simple. Hot or cold, just black.

More soon!


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